The Power Business Meeting

EDF is the top investor in Burgundy Franche-Comté with over a billion euros worth bought from companies with high added value belonging to the Vallée de l’Energie and the Burgundy Nuclear Pole.

The Power Business Meetings have real significance in this context. They represent for the EDF Group a unique opportunity to meet regularly with energy industrialists situated in eastern France. Quite apart from our strict process of orders and suppliers of equipment, these meetings with our suppliers and service providers enable us to take stock of our industrial and commercial relations, our respective expectations, technical developments and new offers, prospects in the sector … They are also an opportunity to discover and meet heads of companies applying for our bids and our markets in rare and highly specific fields.

The Power Business Meetings bring real added value to the links between EDF, their industrial partners and subcontractors. They also benefit the dynamics of all the companies and the energy sector in the region and all of eastern France.


Energy efficiency represents a challenge for Europe and a wonderful opportunity for development at SPIE.

SPIE is in line with a responible green economic policy and as such is aware of environmental stakes and climate risks. This transversal approach concerns all aspects of the company : its jobs, its customers ,without forgetting its own energy footprint. Tha aim of this policy is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption at all levels.

Thanks to its collaborators’ skills ,SPIE devises and implements long term solutions that meet the energy and environmental challenges of its customers by optimizing the use of natural resources.

SPIE wishes to accompany its customers , and those directly involved,  in their own measures and thus proposes high- performance solutions for energy and environmental management. Their common objective consists in measuring, supervising and reducing the environmental impact ofcommunities, industry or the tertiary sector.

Taking this strategy into account, our involvement within the Power Business Meeting takes on a real meaning.


Jean-Yves VIENOT

Industry Operational Manager, SPIE Est

The Power Business Meeting creates a fantastic  link between contractors and subcontractors.Its unique format reveals complementary aspects of industrialists and thus enables them to develop new business trends together.

Our ability to work in synergy will make all the difference.with regard to tomorrow’s energy challenges and the globalization of world markets.

Jean-Luc Habermacher

The signing in Paris of the COP21, a new agreement of commitments in favour of the climate, will without doubt be coupled with measures in favour of the development of renewable energies.France has also, by means of the  law on energy transition, made strong decisions for the years to come.Wind energy has become a mature and competitive form of energy and will doubtless occupy an increasingly important  place in this energy mix of the years to come. The north-eastern part of France, strengthened by its industrial and energy-related assets, has structured itself around its Wind for Future cluster to take up the forthcoming challenge. So it was indispensable for the wind sector to be associated with this unmissable event, the Power Business Meeting 2016 edition.

Stéphane Dejuane
Président du cluster Wind for Future
Directeur de Francéole